Japanese fans celebrating Nagisa’s birthday!

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awwawawaaaa these post cards came out really cute ;w;


DRAMAtical Murder I Midorijima Summer Festival


DRAMAtical Murder I Midorijima Summer Festival


1 August; Happy birthday, Nagisa!!! (ɔˆ ³(ˆ⌣ˆc) 

nah but buddy i can’t do it right now!!! i gotta wreck myself with more odin sphere first. need more of that sweet fairy/frog action

heck yea friend i get you 8))) odin sphere is more important anyway right now!!!!!! i definitely value smooching between ingway and mercedes more than i do sad magi things!!!! i am just happy you are enjoying this game ;A;

Top 5 yaoi anatomies

fuck maybe i’ll start reading it again just 4 u

jUSt FOR ME???? thank you friend u will not regret this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you won’t ever regret this! i promise!!! i mean im sure you kinda will bc it gunna mess u up!!! but i believe in you!!! i believe that u can achieve!!!  

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yooooo when i left off it was magnostadt and i was cryin about that construct kid bein at the end of his lifespan or whatever, i don’t even remember. this is fucked up

FRIEND IT IS OKAY ANd I fEEL YOU i am still not over the things that happened during that arc AND i CRIED BIG BABY TEARS (i cry all the time basically) but it gets better at the end! i promise!!!!!!! so dont be scared anymore!!! and then it gets bad again but dont worry there are still a lot of brightly shining moments :)))) 

and things are finally starting to come together!!! so get all the pets in the neighborhood together and get ready for a wild ride! (unless the pets in your neighborhood dont like manag!!! but it doesnt matter if they like it or not and you wait until they fall asleep to read it to them)!

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I havent watched the second series still ;3; I suck.

is okay friend!!!! tbh i havent even started watching the second season yet either!!! ^o^;;;  i heard it follows the manga better and it is nice seeing everything in color so let us both do the thing some time soon!!!!

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(because i already sent said on other thing and forgot to add) Im also not up to date with manga D:

Oh DANG FRIEND WHat is with all of my friends not keeping up with the fun and magical happenings in magi!?!?!? you are missing out friend!!! you are definitely missing out!!!! im going to write you a prescription to a full day of manga reading!!! go get this prescription filled out immediately!!!!

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that’s about how i was feeling back when i stopped reading the manga, i assume it has only gotten worse

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