went to see a play in spanish tonight and got a fake egg thrown at me (but did not know it was fake until it exploded in front of me)


Shoosh I love my babies
Windfall Girlies


Shoosh I love my babies

Windfall Girlies


\かしこい/\かわいい/「ねんどろいど 絢瀬絵里」で遊んでみた!

"are you texting kayla????"
"nah im texting my friend named anna!!!"
"…does…she….have a sister….named…..elsa?"

im fricking crying im literally crying darknessinfourcolors





dragons are mentioned in almost all cultures all across the world even before they had interaction with each other and you’re telling me they didn’t exist

wow it’s almost like some kind of large lizard-like creatures roamed the earth at some point and left fossilized remnants of their bodies behind that ancient cultures were trying to make sense of

yea okay but give me at least 1 good reason charles darwin WOULDNT become a heroic spirit someone could summon for the holy weenworm war

"bye! have fun at school!"
I say as I wave goodbye to my friends and go back inside to lay on their couch and watch HGTV for 2 hours



ImaNaru doodles from a while back

Oh and uh Imaizumi and Naruko were chasing the same laser pointer and they crashed into each other in the second image.